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“Bringing abundant life back to the body of Christ.”

Grace Wellness Center’s vision for ourselves and our clients is to go beyond doing “ok” to live the victorious life God has planned for us.  To facilitate this we are offering three extraordinary living groups.  These groups are designed to be both affordable and to fit your busy schedule.  Groups meet twice a month and involve a moderate amount of work between sessions.  The Bible tells us that we should have others come along side us as we pursue the life God intends for us to have.  This group provides a way to fulfill that Biblical mandate and allows people to grow together.  You will rejoice in the successes of others just as they rejoice in your successes. 

Extraordinary Living Groups

Success coaching group:

This group focuses on life empowerment so you can thrive in all areas of life.  You will learn how to create a personal mission statement to serve as a guide in your life and add purpose, focus and integration to your life.

Integrated Wellness coaching group:

This group focuses on physical health while integrating other areas of life as they pertain to your efforts to live well.  This group is not about your symptoms or diagnosis, it is about YOU and it is about living WELL.  You will learn to be empowered by your efforts to be healthy instead of controlled by them and shamed by failures.  Break free from the endless cycle of failure and thrive!

Marriage coaching group:

This group helps people learn the tools necessary to develop a thriving marriage.  God designed the marriage to be a foundation in our lives, families and society.  When our marriage isn’t healthy, our lives suffer, our kids suffer and our society becomes weak.  This is your chance to change the cycle of brokenness in your family.

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Join the Wellness Revolution

Life is meant to be filled with Joy!  Is yours?

“If life is a constant battle against weight gain, a herculean effort of keeping fit, a career filled with struggle, a marriage that is toxic, we have missed wellness.  We have missed it because we have missed the joy.” 
Greg Anderson (The 22 Laws of Wellness)

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 Wellness Wheel


At Grace Wellness Center, our goal is to help people in all areas of life, Body, Soul and Spirit, to get well and thrive.  In each area of life, one could be put into one of three categories of functioning.  The “Walking Wounded” are suffering and in need of healing.  The “Stumbling and Stuck” aren’t wounded per say but aren’t progressing either.  They are just stumbling around not able to get unstuck in that area of life.  The “Thriving Well” are “doing it,” they are moving and enjoying this area of life.  However, while many people are thriving in a certain area of life, they still may be missing a calling in that area.  There is likely a way in which God wants you to lead and serve in areas you are thriving.

Wellness Continum

Our world programs us for mediocrity within the treatment paradigm on one continuum above.  The treatment paradigm dictates that you go for help when you are symptomatic (“The Walking Wounded”) until you are asymptomatic at the neutral point on the continuum.  However, this usually results in us staying at that point or sliding backwards again, we become “The Stumbling and Stuck.”  Our approach involves a paradigm shift in this thinking and acceptance of the wellness paradigm.  Our goal is to meet people where they are and help them get to where they are “The Thriving Well.”  We believe people are capable of extraordinary lives and we are passionate about helping people discover what God has planned for them.

The Walking Wounded

The “Walking Wounded” need to walk through the process of healing in accordance with Biblical truth.  God wants you to be healed and has provided the path through the following steps.

Take off the MASK: We need to begin the healing process by being genuine and open about our pain.

Heal the WOUNDS: Physical, emotional, spiritual and relational wounds all need to be treated and healed.

Remove the TOXINS: Throughout life we accumulate toxins physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.  We accumulate toxins in our body from poor diet and life style choices, in our soul from unhealed wounds and in our spirit from the false destructive beliefs from the enemy and the world.  They become very destructive because of unhealed wounds and a life of covering our pain with masks.

Replace with TRUTH: The Bible tells us we are to be "transformed by the renewing of our minds." We need to examine our life under the light of truth and replace the false and destructive beliefs and life style choices with those that are true and healthy.

Stumbling and Stuck

The Stumbling and Stuck are moving around but not getting anywhere in that area of life.  When we are stuck we don’t “REAP.”  We don’t walk in the good works God prepared for us (Ephesians 2:10) and we don’t experience the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).  The areas we are stumbling and stuck in not only create their own problems and lack of fulfillment but can also keep you from really pursuing you dreams in other areas of life.  Areas we are stumbling and stuck in sap the joy from life.  If you are stumbling and stuck in an area of your life, there is a plan!  You need to REAP the goodness and joy God has planned for you.

Realize you’re stuck and need to do something about it.  Sometimes the hardest part of the process is to be honest with yourself and acknowledge you are stuck.  It is also sometimes hard to know what to do once you realize this.  That’s where we come in.  Our counselors, coaches and natural health providers will meet you where you are and walk you through the process to help you thrive.

Evaluate your life.  Once we realize we are stuck in one or more areas of life, we need to do a good evaluation of the situation.  Our counselors, coaches and natural health providers are trained to help you walk through this evaluation process.

Assemble a plan of action.  Once you get a good picture of your life it’s time to put a plan together.  Plans often fail because they address only secondary goals and miss the underlying issues or more primary goals.  For example, weight loss is a secondary goal where as developing a balanced life and managing stress might be the more primary goals that need to be addressed.  Plans may also fail because they try to address every area of need at once instead of taking it one step at a time.  Our practitioners will help you develop a plan of action that will take you at the right pace and achieve sustainable gains.
Put it into action.  Implementing a plan involves staying motivated and making adjustments as the plan unfolds.  Our practitioners will support you, motivate you, encourage you and help you do ongoing assessments and adjustments to your plan.


Thriving Well

Listen to and refine your calling.  Isaiah 6:8 says “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Do you have that attitude?  Do you know what he is calling you to and how to accomplish it?  Just because you are doing well in an area of life doesn’t mean you have arrived.  Even the best quarterbacks in the NFL still have a coach because they want to excel and avoid becoming complacent.  Our life coaches would like to come along side you as you seek your calling and help you serve God in a life filled with joy and peace.

Educate yourself.  Once you hear God’s calling in a certain area of your life, it is time to get busy educating yourself so God can both work in your life and through your life.  Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin.  One of our Biblical life coaches can help you develop a plan.

Advance in life – Act on your calling and develop mastery.  This is what life is all about!  God calls us to continued progress and advancement in our calling and ministry.  Don’t settle for lukewarm or mediocre; God has called you to victorious living.  Don’t miss out!

Deliver at the highest level for the kingdom of God.  Hear God say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”



To get there you have to begin the journey, let's get started!